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The acid-test ratio (ATR), also commonly known as the quick ratio, measures the liquidity of a company by calculating how well current assets can cover current liabilities. The quick ratio uses.. Grades (Acid Test Ratio (ATR) oder auch Quick Ratio), auch Einzugsliquidität (kurz EL), gibt das Verhältnis des Geldvermögens zuzüglich Wertpapierbestand und den kurzfristigen Forderungen zu den kurzfristigen Verbindlichkeiten eines Unternehmens an. Es ist ein Maß dafür, ob ein Unternehmen in der Lage ist, seine kurzfristigen Verbindlichkeiten zu bezahlen. Bei einem ATR, das kleiner als 1 ist, wird ein Teil der kurzfristigen Verbindlichkeiten nicht durch kurzfristig zur.

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If your acid test ratio is less than 1, your company does not have enough liquid assets to pay their current liabilities. Acid test ratios that are much lower than the current ratio means that current assets are highly dependent on inventory. This is not always a bad sign, as some business models are dependent on inventory Since acid test ratios indicate that a business has enough liquidity to cover short-term debts, and lenders like to see high ratios, you might consider saving as much as you can to keep raising your ratio. This might not be the best course of action, however. If you have built a high amount of liquid assets, you might consider putting some of them to work for you in the form of investing.

The acid-test ratio is very similar to the current ratio; however, the only exception is that inventory is taken out of current assets. There are a couple of ways to calculate this ratio. However, the most popular equation looks like this: Acid Test Ratio = (Current Assets - Inventory) / Current Liabilitie Der Acid Test Ratio Rechner, wird verwendet, um den Liquiditätsgrad zu berechnen. Definition des Säuretestverhältnisses . Der Acid Test Ratio Rechner ist ein strenger Test, welcher bestimmt, ob eine Firma genügend Vermögen besitzt, um die derzeitigen Schulden zu begleichen, ohne dabei Lagerbestand zu verkaufen. Generell sollte der Liquiditätsgrad 1:1 oder höher sein, jedoch variiert. Acid test ratio, ook wel quick ratio genoemd, is een kengetal dat de verhouding tussen de vlottende activa en het kort vreemd vermogen weergeeft (-voorraad goederen). Het doel van de berekening is om vast te stellen of een organisatie in staat is om aan alle lopende betalingsverplichtingen te kunnen voldoen

Acid-test ratio is the ratio of the sum of the current asset by current liabilities. A current asset is the sum of all asset company has which can be convertible into cash within 90 days. Current assets are cash, short term investments, and cash equivalent cash, receivable minus inventorie Acid-test ratio is basically financial indicator which can be influenced by the company's management through fictitious financial information or change in accounting policies. The only major issue with the acid-test ratio is its dependence on the accounts receivable and current liabilities which can cause trouble

Acid Test Ratio is calculated as, Acid test ratio = (Current assets - Inventory)/Current liabilities The above ratio provides a better indication of the liquidity position compared to the current ratio. The ideal ratio is said to be 1:1 Acid-test ratio, also known as quick ratio, is a quantitative measure of a firm's capability to meet short-term liabilities by liquidating its assets. It is calculated as a sum of all assets minus inventories divided by current liabilities. Generally, a score of one or greater for the ratio is considered good because it implies that the firm can fulfill its debt commitments in the short-term. Welcome to the Investors Trading Academy talking glossary of financial terms and events. Our word of the day is Acid TestCurrent cash and near cash asset..

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  1. Ein Cash Rat io von 2, ein Acid Test Ratio von 2,5 u nd ein. [...] Current Ratio von 3 zeigen die ausgezeichnete Liquidität des Unternehmens. xenium.de. xenium.de. Claims for the following Contracting State : ES A method of preparing a composition, comprising mixing together either directly or in solution, and with or without heat the following.
  2. The ratio is also known by the name acid test ratio. The primary examples of such quick assets include cash, marketable securities, and accounts receivables. This ratio is relatively more conservative than the current ratio as it restricts the ability to repay the short-term liabilities with only those assets that are readily convertible to cash
  3. This video demonstrates how to calculate and interpret the Quick Ratio (aka Acid Test Ratio). An example is provided to show how the Quick Ratio can be used..

The quick ratio or acid test ratio is a liquidity ratio that measures the ability of a company to pay its current liabilities when they come due with only quick assets. Quick assets are current assets that can be converted to cash within 90 days or in the short-term. Cash, cash equivalents, short-term investments or marketable securities, and. In finance, the quick ratio, also known as the acid-test ratio is a type of liquidity ratio, which measures the ability of a company to use its near cash or quick assets to extinguish or retire its current liabilities immediately. It is defined as the ratio between quickly available or liquid assets and current liabilities.Quick assets are current assets that can presumably be quickly. The acid-test ratio is calculated by taking a company's quick assets and dividing them by its current liabilities. The following formula is how most companies calculate the acid-test ratio: (cash. Acid test ratio = liquid assets / short-term liabilities. 14000 / 10000 = 1.4. As such, the acid test ratio for this organization is 1.4:1. This ratio indicates that the company is in a good financial position because it has enough liquid assets available to service its short-term liabilities. Facebook

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Acid test ratio = (Aset lancar - Persediaan)/ Kewajiban lancar. Anda harus berhati-hati untuk menggunakan rumus yang terakhir. Beberapa perusahaan mungkin juga melaporkan beberapa akun yang tidak menghasilkan arus kas masuk dalam jangka pendek seperti beban dibayar dimuka dan pajak dibayar dimuka. Keduanya hanya mewakili manfaat masa depan tanpa melibatkan arus kas masuk. Acid test ratio. Il Quick ratio, detto anche Acid Test, esprime la capacità di una società di assolvere ai propri obblighi a breve termine utilizzando risorse liquide o che si possono liquidare in breve tempo (cassa, crediti commerciali, ecc.), escluse le rimanenze. Il Quick ratio costituisce uno degli indici più diffusi nell'analisi finanziaria per valutare le condizioni di liquidità di una società e.

2015-11-02 什么叫acid test ratio; 2008-06-13 烦请帮忙告诉liquidity ratio,current 10; 2015-04-28 quick ratio和current ratio分别是什么... 53; 2016-06-18 什么是Acid-test; 2007-03-07 风险投资中的acid test是指什么?acid test原... 3; 更多类似问题 > 为你推荐: 特别推荐. 人类发明避孕套的路子究竟多野? 地球上为什么又多出个南冰. The acid-test ratio may hold little significance for businesses of a certain size or establishment, as the business may operate on extremely long-term revenue terms or have an excellent credit standing, allowing for short-term funding to be accessed, if needed. There are some drawbacks to this method, as is true of any method that could be used. Some of the limitations of this quick ratio. The Quick Ratio, also known as the Acid-test or liquidity ratio, measures the ability of a business to pay its short-term liabilities by having assets that a.. Acid Test Ratio = (Total Current Assets - Stock) / Current Liabilities. Acid Test Ratio = 8700 - 4000 / 5700 = 0.83. 3. Current Ratio = (Cash + Cash Equivalent) / Current Liabilities. Current Ratio = 3000 / 57000 = 0.53. The liquidity ratio has an impact on the credit rating as well as the credibility of the business. The more liquid your business is, the better equipped it is to pay off. Acid Test (Quick) Ratio Definition. The acid test ratio, also known as quick ratio, refers to the group of liquidity ratios. It measures the... Formula. Cash includes all money in domestic and foreign currency that a company has in bank accounts, cash registers,... Quick ratio analysis. Generally,.

The acid test ratio ignores the level and the timing of the cash flows which actually would be a major parameter determining the company's ability to pay liabilities when they become due. The ratio considers accounts receivables as liquid and can be easily converted to cash which may not always be the case. 1. Share Knowledge if you liked Acid test Ratio=(Cash + Accounts Receivable + Short term Investments) / (Current Liabilities) Where, Cash - Money or currency that can be accessed immediately (in rupees) Accounts Receivable - Money owed to a company by providing the services (in rupees) Short term Investments - Account in the current assets section of a company balance sheet (in rupees) Current Liabilities - Company.

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Acid test ratio AO2, AO4. AO2 You need to be able to: Demonstrate application and analysis of knowledge and understanding Command Terms: These terms require students to use their knowledge and skills to break down ideas into simpler parts and to see how the parts relate: Analyse, Apply, Comment, Demonstrate, Distinguish, Explain, Interpret, Sugges High Acid Test Ratio is a perfect signal. It shows the firm is a relatively better financial position and adequacy to pay off its current obligation in time. Cash, marketable securities, and accounts receivable or sundry debtors excluding Inventory is the key figures of current assets. It determines the quick ratio or acid test ratio Definition: The acid test ratio, sometimes called the quick ratio, is a liquidity ratio that measures a company's ability to pay off its current debts with only quick assets. Quick assets, sometimes called cash equivalents, are current assets that can be quickly and easily converted into cash in the current period. These assets include cash, short-term investments,. Key Difference - Current Ratio vs Acid Test Ratio Liquidity, one of the most crucial aspects of a business, refers to the convenience of converting assets into cash.Even though the main objective of a company is to be profitable, liquidity is more important in the short term in order to run smooth operations The acid test ratio represents an in-depth accounting of a company to adequately manage the outstanding liabilities currently held by the corporation. This process does not involve taking into account all the tangible and intangible assets of the company and applying the worth to the indebtedness currently held by the organization. With the acid-test ratio, only assets that do not involve.

To illustrate the difference between the current ratio and the acid test ratio, let's assume that a company has the following: The current ratio is 2 or 2:1 (total current assets of $100,000 divided by the total current liabilities of $50,000). The acid test ratio is 0.8 or 0.8:1 (quick assets of $40,000 ($5,000 + $10,000 + $25,000) divided by. Acid Test ratio. L'acid test ratio correspond au rapport entre les actifs les plus liquides (habituellement l'actif circulant à moins d'un an, en dehors des stocks) et le passif exigible à court terme. L'acid test ratio permet donc d'apprécier la liquidité d'une entreprise. Le résultat de l'acid test ratio doit être au moins égal à 1. Ce ratio est comparé aux années antérieures pour. Acid test ratio (quick ratio) is calculated to comprehend if the firm's cash or near cash assets could cover the short-term debts in the next twelve months. The below formula is used to calculate the ratio of the short-term assets over the total current liabilities of a company. The acid test ratio formula calculates the result by dividing the summation of the Cash, Cash Equivalents.

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Acid test ratio adalah rasio keuangan yang dihitung dengan mempertimbangkan aset cepat yang dimiliki perusahaan. Hal ini karena acid test ratio adalah rasio keuangan untuk menentukan kemampuan perusahaan dalam melunasi semua kewajiban jangka pendeknya menggunakan aset cepat. Aset cepat ini merupakan aset perusahaan yang sangat mudah dikonversi menjadi uang tunai dalam waktu yang singkat. Acid test ratio is a stringent test that indicates whether a firm has enough short-term assets to cover its immediate liabilities without selling inventory. Generally, the acid test ratio should be 1:1 or higher; however, this varies widely by industry. Acid Test Ratio Formula. The acid test ratio calculation formula is as follows: Acid Test Ratio = (Cash + Accounts Receivable + Short-term.

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Acid test ratio, juga dikenal sebagai rasio cepat, adalah rasio likuiditas yang mengukur seberapa cukup aset jangka pendek perusahaan untuk menutupi kewajiban lancarnya. Dengan kata lain, acid test ratio adalah ukuran seberapa baik perusahaan dapat memenuhi kewajiban keuangan jangka pendek (saat ini). Panduan ini akan menguraikan cara menghitung rasio langkah demi langkah, dan mendiskusikan. The acid test ratio helps analyze how quickly a company is able to liquidate its current assets to pay off it's liabilities. « What is: Exchange Traded Fund - ETF Vs Mutual Fund. SIP or Lump Sum - Which Is Better Investment in Mutual Fund For 10 Years? » Filed Under: Financial Glossary. March 2, 2017 by Shabbir Bhimani. Home / Financial Glossary / What is: Acid Test Ratio. A trader. The acid-test ratio is more conservative than the current ratio, which measures much the same thing, because the current ratio excludes the value of inventory. This is because inventory can be less liquid than other current assets. The acid-test ratio thus measures a company's ability to meet obligations in a worst-case scenario. It is also called the quick ratio Many translated example sentences containing acid-test ratio - Japanese-English dictionary and search engine for Japanese translations

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  1. Acid test ratio. quick rate quick current ratio it measures the immediate solvency or debt paying ability of a company. Accounts payable. amount owed to suppliers for goods or services purchased on credit. Allowable costs. costs that are reimbursable by a third party payer. Activity ratio. these divide various types of assets into net operating revenue . Assets. property that an organization.
  2. The acid-test ratio is used to indicate a company's ability to pay off its current liabilities Current Liabilities Current liabilities are financial obligations of a business entity that are due and payable within a year. A company shows these on the without relying on the sale of inventory or on obtaining additional financing. Inventory is not included in calculating the ratio, as it is not.
  3. Acid-test ratio. Group(s):Key Terms & Concepts, Finance; Print page. Share: Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Linkedin Share on Google Share by email. Measures whether a firm has sufficient short-term assets to cover its immediate liabilities. Collections. 21. Business Maths Revision Videos for A Level Business . Collections. 32. AQA A Level Business Study Notes: 3.7 - Analysing the.

Translations in context of acid test ratio in English-Spanish from Reverso Context: Español An acid test ratio, also referred as quick ratio calculator performs the calculation to know whether the company will be able to meet its current liabilities with the short term assets it has acid test ratio - definizione, significato, pronuncia audio, sinonimi e più ancora. Che cosa è acid test ratio? a measure of a company's ability to pay costs and make necessary payments in the near future. It is: Vedi di più ancora nel dizionario Inglese - Cambridge Dictionar Übersetzung Deutsch-Englisch für acid Test ratio im PONS Online-Wörterbuch nachschlagen! Gratis Vokabeltrainer, Verbtabellen, Aussprachefunktion

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Übersetzung für 'acid test ratio' im kostenlosen Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch und viele weitere Deutsch-Übersetzungen An acid-test ratio, also known as a quick ratio, is a financial measure of a company's ability to pay off its current liabilities - that is, any debt that will need to be repaid within a year, such as credit card charges and accounts payable. The acid-test indicates whether a business can pay off such debt immediately using cash or current assets. It's one measure of a company's short.

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  1. Many translated example sentences containing acid test ratio - Greek-English dictionary and search engine for Greek translations
  2. Acid-Test Ratio A measure of a company's ability to meet its short-term obligations using its most liquid assets. It is calculated by subtracting inventories from current assets and dividing the quantity by its current liabilities. A higher acid-test ratio indicates greater short-term financial health. The acid-test ratio is more conservative than the.
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  4. The calculation of its acid-test ratio is: The ratio is most useful in those situations in which there are some assets that have uncertain liquidity, such as inventory. These items may not be convertible into cash for some time, and so should not be compared to current liabilities. Consequently, the ratio is commonly used to evaluate businesses in industries that use large amounts of inventory.
  5. ator of this ratio is made up of customer items, temporary.
  6. Explaining the Acid Test . The acid test or quick ratio formula removes a firm's inventory assets from the equation. Inventory is the least liquid of all the current assets because it takes time for a business to find a buyer (or buyers) if it wants to liquidate the inventory and turn it into cash. If a company's quick ratio comes out significantly lower than its current ratio, this means the.
  7. The acid test ratio is a balance sheet-based financial measure designed to help you judge how well a company can cover its short-term obligations. It is considered a stringent measure of the.

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The Acid Tests were originally published as part of the Web Standards Project (WaSP), a grassroots coalition fighting for standards which ensure simple, affordable access to web technologies for all. WaSP operations declared success in 2013, and the Acid Tests are correspondingly no longer being maintained. Acid3, in particular, contains some controversial tests and no longer reflects the. The ratio between the omega-6 arachidonic acid (AA) and the marine omega-3 essential fatty acids eicosapentaoenic acid (EPA) and docosahexaoenic acid (DHA) reflects mood related wellness. This Index should be below 1:1. If above 1:1 (yellow or red value) you may benefit from changing your diet according to our How to change your diet - guide

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Quick Ratio o Test Ácido, cómo medir la solvencia de las empresas. Diccionario económico 29/11/2016 0 Equipo Singular Bank. Al invertir en una empresa uno de los peligros que corremos como inversores es que la empresa entre en dificultades económicas, acabe quebrando y perdamos nuestro dinero. El futuro de nuestra inversión depende en gran medida del futuro de la empresa, y el futuro. Naturalmente la valutazione dell'indice derivante dall'Acid Test non va mai preso in considerazione in maniera assoluta, ma sempre comparato ad altri fattori. Alcune aziende infatti, come gli esercizi commerciali al dettaglio possono godere di un indicatore di bilancio molto basso, ma questo non significherà necessariamente che l'azienda sia in difficoltà o addirittura in pericolo

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Acid-test Ratio = 1.5 . Working Capital = Rs 1, 62,000 . Find out: (a) Current Assets (b) Current Liabilities . ADVERTISEMENTS: (c) Liquid Assets. Illustration 6: Assuming the current ratio is 2, state in each of the cases, whether the ratio will improve or decline or will have no change: (i) Purchase of fixed assets. ADVERTISEMENTS: (ii) Cash collected from customers. (iii) Bills receivable. The acid-test ratio, also known as the quick ratio, is an indicator of a company's short-term liquidity that measures whether it has enough short-term assets to cover its short-term liabilities. Widely thought of as a more conservative metric, unlike the working capital ratio, it does not include assets that cannot be quickly liquidated, such as inventory. Acid-test ratio formula. There is. The acid test ratio measures the liquidity of a company by showing its ability to pay off its current liabilities with quick assets within 90 days. If a firm has enough quick assets to cover its total current liabilities, the firm will be able to pay off its obligations without having to sell off any long-term or capital assets. The acid-test ratio is a more conservative version of another. The ratio is regarded as an acid test of liquidity for a company. It expresses the true 'working capital' relationship of its cash, accounts receivables, prepaids and notes receivables available to meet the company's current obligations. It is a primary test of a company's ability to pay its bills. A Quick Ratio is a more rigid test of a.

آیا معنی acid test ratio مناسب بود ؟ ( امتیاز : 97% ) دیکشنری آبادیس . آبادیس از سال 1385 فعالیت خود را در زمینه فن آوری اطلاعات آغاز کرد. نخستین پروژه آبادیس، سایت دیکشنری آبادیس بود. دیکشنری آنلاین آبادیس از ابتدا تاکنون تغییرات. The acid-test ratio is stricter than the current ratio because it recognizes that not all current assets can be quickly and easily be converted into cash. Specifically, it restricts the asset side. Quick Ratio, also known as Acid Test Ratio, shows the ratio of cash and other liquid resources in comparison to current liabilities. Formula for calculating quick ratio is (Cash in hand + Cash at Bank + Receivables + Marketable Securities) / Current Liabilities

The acid-test ratio gets its name from the historic use of acid to test metals for gold. However, if the metal failed the test, it was considered valueless. Today, the acid-test ratio shows a company's ability to convert its assets into cash to satisfy its immediate liabilities. Besides, what happens if quick ratio is too high? Quick Ratio Analysis If quick ratio is higher, company may keep. The Legal ACID Test (DoLs) In 2014 an important judgement was handed down in an important legal case decided in the UK Supreme Court. P v Cheshire West & Chester Council; P & Q v Surrey County Council [2014] UKSC 19. The case described and gave the clearest indication of what amounts to a deprivation of liberty. The judgement described what it termed an acid test which should be applied when.

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  1. es whether a company is a solvent in the short... Acid Test Calculation..
  2. Ratio contable que indica cómo de buena es la liquidez o la solvencia de la empresa a corto plazo, y para ello utiliza el activo circulante y el pasivo circulante, que son las partidas de más corto plazo del balance.Si el test ácido fuese menor que uno, indicaría un pasivo circulante excesivamente alto en relación al activo, y sería aconsejable vender existencias para poder hacer frente.
  3. He uses 14K acid to test for sterling. He will rub the piece on a test stone, and then dip the rubbed spot in a drop of 14K acid. Then, if he sees bubbling or green color on the rubbed spot of the piece, it's not sterling. If no bubbling or green, then sterling. Message 11 of 11
  4. Acid test ratio results can also be less than 1.0x, when the business has more short-term liabilities than liquid assets. For example, an acid test ratio of .72x indicates that the liquid assets.
  5. The Acid-Test ratio of Company ABC can be calculated as, If the acid-term ratio is less than 1, it indicates that the company may face difficulties in settling the dues. They may have to sell their assets in order clear the debts.It may also affect the overall performance of the company in many ways. Below table indicates an extract of the.
  6. The Acid-Test Ratio Formula The acid-test ratio formula can alternatively be rendered as follows Asid Test . What is the Acid-Test Ratio? Acid-Test Ratio ज्याला Quick Ratio असेही म्हणतात, हे एक Liquidity Ratio आहे जे कंपनीची अल्पकालीन मालमत्ता त्याच्या current liabilities.

Acid test ratio also known as quick ratio is an indicator that is used for measuring the short term liquidity and assessing the ability of a firm to pay its current liabilities. Alternatively, we can also use: In the below online acid test ratio calculator, enter the current assets, inventory and current liabilities in the input boxes and click calculate to find the quick ratio. Current Assets. Acid test ratio definition, a ratio of cash, receivables, and marketable securities to current liabilities, used in determining credit risks. See more

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The quick ratio measures the liquidity of a business and its ability to meet its short term liabilities and debts. It is calculated by dividing current assets less inventory by current liabilities. It is also known as the Acid Test Ratio or Liquidity Ratio. It is similar to the current ratio except inventory is excluded from current assets in. 0.85 Acid-Test Ratio = Quick Assets/Current Liabilities Acid-Test Ratio = $10,800/$12,19012,700 = 1 +56 more terms. emblair. ACCOUNTING CH 4 QUIZ. 30 terms. View Set. ACCOUNTING CH 4 QUIZ. Sales Returns And Allowances Multiple Step Income Statement Gross Margin Ratio Periodic Inventory System Perpetual Inventory System. TERMS IN THIS SET (30) On March 12, Klein Company sold merchandise in the. The acid test ratio is important because it helps to show how healthy a company it is; in terms of being able to pay off any short-term debt is that it may have acquired. Basically, the premise of this ratio was to use as a test for a doom and gloom scenario for a company. Associated Content, Inc. Along with being a viable way to establish the financial health of the company, employing the. The acid test ratio can also be referred to as quick ratio, working capital ratio, and current ratio. Formula The acid test ratio is calculated by adding the accounts receivables, cash, and short term investments, and dividing the result by the current liabilities. Evaluation of acid test ratio • When a company has an acid test ratio lesser than 1: In this situation, the company will have. The acid test ratio is one type of financial statement ratio. Test your understanding of the calculation of this specific ratio and what it indicates with this quiz and worksheet. Quiz & Worksheet.

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- Another common reasons for this elevated ratio is inhibition of this enzyme by Clostridia byproducts including HPHPA, 4-cresol, or 4-hydroxyphenylacetic acid. - Other causes of an increased ratio include inhibition of DBH by the mold metabolite fusaric acid, pharmaceuticals such as disulfiram, or food additives like aspartame This issue is only visible when the quick ratio is substituted for the current ratio. Terms Similar to the Quick Ratio. The quick ratio is also known as the acid ratio, the acid test ratio, the liquid ratio, and the liquidity ratio. Related Courses. Business Ratios Guidebook The Interpretation of Financial Statement

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- There are some financial ratios that are regarded as liquidity ratios and among these ratios, the current ratio and quick ratio have their own importance. This article discusses the difference between the two while highlighting the importance of both ratios, current ratio and acid test ratio or quick ratio Traductions en contexte de acid test ratio en anglais-français avec Reverso Context

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* Characteristics of the plan executer: financial resources management (acid-test ratio, first-time funds to received loan ratio), human resources management (incentive bonuses to fix salary ratio), marketing resources management (new costumers to old customers ratio and investment in advertising costs to the total investment ratio), information technology management computer to experts ratio. What does acid-test-ratio mean? The ratio of current assets, minus inventories, to total current liabilities. This ratio shows how well a company is cov.. An acid test ratio, sometimes called a quick ratio, is a measure of your company's liquidity. Done right, it gives a clue to how much cash you have on hand and how much you can raise in a hurry. The ratio is determined by adding all your company's cash, securities, and money you're owed (receivables), and then dividing that figure by whatever you owe to others. The resulting ratio. Acid Test Ratio Definition: the acid test determines if a company can meet all current obligations if sales were to come to a sudden stop Acid Test Ratio: Cash + A/R + S-T/ Inv.Current Liabilities ($288,252 + $1,488,313 + $0) / $430,49 Übersetzung für 'acid ratio test' im kostenlosen Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch und viele weitere Deutsch-Übersetzungen Acid-test (quick) ratio measures the ability of a company to use its quick assets to immediately extinguish or retire its current liabilities. Quick assets include those current assets that presumably can be quickly converted to cash at close to their book values, such as cash and some account receivable. A high quick ratio means that the company has adequate amount of cash to pay for the cost.

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