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Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis. Riesenauswahl. Neu oder gebraucht kaufen. Schon bei eBay gesucht? Hier gibt es Markenqualiät zu günstigen Preisen Hey guys, decided to make a video showing how to modify the firmware for the antminer S9. If you find it useful, make sure you drop a thumbs up and share it... Antminer S9 firmware build, overclock, change voltage, disable fan check - Tutorial; Categories. Bitmain Antminer; Microbt Whatsminer; Canaan Avalon; Innosilicon; StrongU; Ebang Ebit ; Mining Container; Accessories; Featured products. New Arrival Goldshell KD2 830W Kadena Miner Goldshel... Leading Manufacturer for China Antminer S19PRO 110th... 2020 October release Efficteive 45W/T Hornbill.

Antminer S9 firmware build, overclock, change voltage

Asic Firmware Antminer S9 - 20th/s low power mode. How to overclockLink for download: http://asic-firmware.com/firmware-for-antminer-s9-i-j-17-5-th-s/Firmwar.. 30A / 1.25 (or 30A * 80%) = 24A max, not 25.6A. 3 S9s per 30A, 240V output. That also leaves you with enough buffer space so if the voltage does drop to 220, you're still fine (topping out at 19.8A used @ 220V). Numbers change for the L3+, but it still rounds out to 6 per circuit @ 30A, 240V. That does drop to 5 @ 220V though (5.87A/L3+ @ 220V) AntMiner S9 Installation Guide Author: Avi Eliav Keywords: Bitmain AntMiner S9 Created Date: 6/17/2016 1:35:36 AM. Three versions of firmware for S9, S9I, S9J. There are three versions of firmware listed in our website, let's take S9 auto-frequency for example: Antminer-S9-all-201711171757-autofreq-user-Update2UBI-NF.tar.gz It is the original normal firmware. Antminer-S9-LPM-20181102.tar.g Antminer S9 Detect 0 ASIC Answered. Follow. Javier Alejandro Gutierrez Vargas March 12, 2021 22:40; Buenas tardes tengo un problema con mi S9 ya le hice mantenimiento y le cambie los chips defectuosos cuando la conecta no detecta los Asic. Imagino sera por el codigo de la tarjeta porque asi me sucede con mis T17e o T17, sera que tengo que comprarme ese editor de codigos para que arranquen esas.

When the antminer is connected to pools for more than 6 minutes - the auto tune finishes setting, then you can make changes. There are auto tuning profiles from 700W to 1900W here that allow to adjust the optimal power and frequency on each board in one click. And after that to adjust the optimal mode of each chip separately Antminer S9. Der Antminer S9 aus dem Hause Bitmain ist momentan das Flaggschiff der Firma. Der Bitcoinminer besitzt eine Leistung von ca. 13,5 TH/s, wobei etwa 1300 Watt pro Stunde verbraucht werden. Dabei sollte man jedoch berücksichtigen, dass es hierbei Abweichungen von bis zu 5 % bzw. 10 % nach oben und unten kommen kann

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I have an Antminer S9 that has performed flawlessly. After I moved it to a better location, I noticed that it no longer seems to be working. The green light is flashing, but it doesn't seem to be hashing to my pool (Nicehash). I'm fairly new to Bitcoining mining and can't make sense of some of the information on my status screen. Before I jump into Bitmain support, I was wondering if anyone. ⑤-4p voltage regulating line ⑥-18p data line. Schematic diagram of the host interface: ①-TF card interface (TF card for loading test fixture program) ②-Ring 12V power interface (When testing single miners such as S9 T9+ S9se S9k S9j, you can use an external power adapter for power supply) ③-Test data line interface (used to connect the test fixture and hash board) ④-Voltage.

newest firmware and voltage hack (up to 9volts) for this ASIC chip - olealgoritme/antminer_s9_hack AntMiner s9 s9j s9i firmware. Alternative firmware allows you to fully discover all the possibilities of your miner! Bitmain Antminer S9 (12.5-13-13.5-14Th/s) Bitmain Antminer S9i (14-14.5TH/s) Bitmain Antminer S9j (14-14.5TH/s) For all S9 model with Xilinx CPU control board. Not support C5 control board. Antminer aiscfw51v29s9ij.tar.gz New versions 5.1 rc29 user:root password:root No SSH. This is truouleshooting for Antminer common problems. Besides the suggestions in Tutorial: General Mining Guide & TroubleShoot for Antminer Models, here are some more troubleshooting ways.. Problem 1: Insufficient hashrate; Hashboard offline; Pool connection faile Model Antminer S9 (14Th) from Bitmain mining SHA-256 algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 14Th/s for a power consumption of 1372W. Profitability . Period /day /month /year; Income: $3.80 : $114.10: $1,369.22: Electricity-$3.95-$118.54-$1,422.49: Profit-$0.15-$4.44-$53.27: Algorithms. Algorythm Hashrate Consumption Efficiency Profitability /day; SHA-256. 14Th/s 1372W. 14Th/s ±5%: 1372W ±10%. Home / ASIC Miner / Bitmain / Antminer / (3) Antminer S9 30TH Total W/ ASIC Boost Set @ 750Watt Per Unit | Includes 2400 Watt 200-240V Power Supply Kit. Sale! 4.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating. 4.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating 51. ( 1 customer review) $ 1,978.79 $ 986.79

2. Set the options according to the following table: Option Description Pool URL Enter the URL of your desired pool. The AntMiner D3 can be set up with three mining pools, with decreasing priority from the first pool (pool 1) to the third pool (pool 3). The pools with low priority will only be used if all higher priority pools are offline Antminer S9 can reach 13 TH/s hashrate and 1300 W power consumption for mining BTC (SHA-256) earning around 2.90 USD per day. Find out more hashrate, consumption, difficulty, and profitability for mining 42 different coins During this time, several models of Antminer S9, S9i, S9j, S9 Hydro were released. Each new modification offered a slightly higher hashrate compared to the base S9 with 14TH/s hashrate. The most advanced version of the liquid-cooled Antminer S9 Hydro offered a hash rate of 18Th/s

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Alternative firmware for Antminer S9, S9i, S9j. Firmware from mskminer.com is available for free download, but it has a development fee of 1.3% -2% (mining is not interrupted, the development fee works in parallel with the main mining). Firmware from Mskminer allows (at the same expense as the standard firmware from Bitmain) to get more computing power and extend the life of AntMiner by 5. Antminer S9i 14TH - 16TH ASIC Bitcoin BTC Crypto Miner Each upgraded with the latest firmware and can run up to 15.5-16TH or run it on low voltage regular hash All of them are low hours and Im the first owner. Favourite. $700.00. Antminer S9 13.5TH 14TH 15.5TH ASIC Bitcoin BTC Crypto Miner For Antminer S9 (MSKMINER) and S10 (MSKMINER), changing firmware to Hiveon ASIC is possible only via SD card. What are the meanings of ASIC's signal lights? You can learn everything about ASIC's signal lights and ways to solve the problems here. How to set up notifications? You can receive notifications directly to Telegram or Discord

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Information about the Antminer S9 ASIC miner and a list of all coins that can be mined with the Antminer S9. Crypto Delver. Home (current) News; Coins. All coins Assets Gainers and losers Masternode coins Minable (PoW) coins Newest coins Proof-of-Stake (POS) coins. Algorithms. All algorithms Scrypt (348) X11 (156) SHA256 (103) PoS (43) X13 (43) Quark (31) CryptoNight (30) Ethash (30) DPoS (24. If the Antminer S9 rate drops below 12,000 or the S7 below 3000, it lets me know. 3. Temperature checks. It tracks S7 temperature and graphs it. Still working on doing this for S9. I asked Bitmain to look into the API setting and fix it on the next software update. Then I set things up so that if site power went down, I wouldn't get hundreds. Here we will take Bitmain Antminer S9 as an example to introduce how to set up the miner and start to mine Bitcoin. What You Need to Know before Using Miners: 1. PSU output power is recommended to be 20% higher than the power consumption of miner; 2. The router or network switch you are using to get connected with miners shall be ones without POE; 3. Miners can only be connected to router or. Antminer S9 / S9i / S9j / T9+ Overclock Firmware = Peak Performance Bitcoin Mining. Antminer S17 / S17 Pro / S17+ / T17 / T17+ Overclock Firmware = Reduced Energy Consumption and Higher Hashrates. Safely overclock your L3+ miners = from 504 MH/s to 580 MH/s, and L3++ from 596 MH/s to 650 MH/s. Antminer S19 Pro Coming Soon. Our custom Antminer overclock firmware allows overclocking beyond. Antminer S9 Volt Rocket Ship firmware mod! Now on Windows! Most Efficient Firmware Just Updated! • If you are looking to hash at a lower speed at lower voltage I changed the following 650mhz to 631 8.8v 631 to 631mhz to 606mhz 8.7v 581mhz or less 8.6v. I might be changing this completely based on feedback. Please post below any issues you have so I can tweak the file a bit more. Also.

Firmware Antminer S9D/S9pro 21TH. Energy-efficient Antminer S9D / S9pro / s9dual firmware for down volt dual asic antminer S9. The operating modes of the six low-power hash boards. Profile, downvolt for ultimate energy efficiency 20TH / s 1500W. Using one original bitmain APW3 + power supply. Quiet operation allows it to be used in offices and. Hash Rate 13 TH/s, 13.5 TH/s & 14 TH/s, 14.5 TH/s depending on batch. Variation of ±5% is expected; Power Consumption 1290 W (13TH/s batch), 1310 W (13.5TH/s batch), 1320 W (14TH/s batch), 1365 W(14.5TH/s batch); at the wall, with Bitmain's APW3 PSU,93% efficiency, 25°C ambient temp; expected discrepancy of +10%; Power Efficiency 99 J/TH (13TH/s batch), 97 J/TH (13.5TH/s batch), 94 J/TH. 10% higher performance for Antminer S9 and 40% for Antminer S17 Improved power efficiency and more features . Easy to get started. Start mining within a minute Automatic setup of all popular mining pools with just a click . Download Windows application . GPU MINING. Native overclocking. Use the Native overclocking to control the clock speed, voltage, power and fan properties of your GPU's.

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Big Pack 10 Stacks Speed Queen Laundry Set - 10pcs Speed Queen SCT060 and 10pcs Speed Queen ST055. $88,490.00 $53,094.00-40%. Bitcoin Big Miner - 10 sets New Canaan AvalonMiner 1166 - 680TH/s Bitcoin Mining Hardware. $11,470.00 $9,176.00-20%. Bitcoin Super Miner - 50 sets New Bitmain Antminer S17+ - 3,650Th/s Bitcoin Mining. $72,350.00 $39,792.00-45%. Home; New Bitmain Antminer S9 SE - 17Ths. BITMAIN AntMiner S9 Your approx. income with NiceHash 0.91 USD / Day START MINING WITH NICEHASH *Please note that values are only estimates based on past performance - real values can be lower or higher. Exchange rate of 1 BTC = 35645.04 USD was used. Past earnings of your setup on NiceHash. 1 DAY 1 WEEK 1 MONTH 1 Day 1 Week 1 Month ; Income: 0.00010151 BTC 3.62 USD: 0.00070049 BTC 24.97.

Custom - Antminer S9 DUAL 24TH at 1600w & Up to 30TH/s @ 2350w S9D - The Most POWERFUL bitmain BITCOIN Sha256 ASIC YOU CAN BUY FOR THE MONEY. 24 hour Smart Tune PER CHIP tests each chip at each freq per voltage match within parameters set - Making it literally the absolute perfect BEST IT CAN BE running machine The APW5 to power the Antminer S9-Hydro is included in your order. The waterpump for cooling is also included in your order. Please note the stated information if you cannot use a 220 V input for APW5. If you are using a 110 V input for APW5, the rated power is 1300 W and will not be capable to power the S9-Hydro Antminer S9 SE Newest 16nm Bitcoin Miner. Rated 4.88 out of 5 based on 25 customer ratings. ( 25 customer reviews) Brand: Antminer S9 SE. Submodel: Antminer S9 SE - 16T/17T. Miner Status: Brand new. Declared Value: US $90 unless required specifically. Shipping Date: Ready Stock The miner starts to work on the original power limit again after a user-set period of time. Antminer S9 [feature] We have switched back to Xilinx I2C IP core for communication with voltage controllers and extended it with glitch filtering for noisy environments [feature] UART Rx line for communicating with hashing chips has been extended with glitch filtering . 20.04¶ This release covers.

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More control of overclocking and adjustment to voltage. Auto-tune to optimize overclocking almost automagically. It's a custom firmware that does replace the stock one. Supports only selected models: Antminer L3+, L3++, S10 (S9 Dual), S17, S17+, S17E, S17 Pro, T17, T17+, T17E, S9, S9i, S9j and T9+. Hiveon Firmware for other ASIC models like S9k/S9SE are coming soon, so stay tuned! Find out. Antminer APW9 and APW9+ Power Supply Repair Guide. Apw9 Apw9+ is a high-power PSU with 2 single-phase AC inputs and 2 DC outputs. 1: 14.5v-21v voltage adjustable output, maximum current 170A. 2: 12v voltage fixed output, maximum current 12A. The circuit board layout is mainly divided into

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AntMiner S9 Specifications: 1. Hash Rate: 13.5 TH/s ±5% 2. Power Consumption: 1323W ±10% (at the wall, with APW3++, 93% efficiency, 25C ambient temp) 3. Power Efficiency: 0.098 W/GH ±7%(at the wall, with APW3++, 93% efficiency, 25°C ambient temp) 4. Rated Voltage: 11.60 ~13.00V 5. ASIC Chip: 189 x BM1387 6. Dimensions: 350mm(L)*135mm(W. Supports popular ASICs: Support for all Antminer S17+/S17/S17 Pro/T17+/T17,S9/S9i/S9j models. Stable: Automated voltage tuning for best hashboard stability and performance. Sleep Mode: Mining can stop and fans drop to normal speed using very little power. Asic Virus Scanner: Tool that checks pre-owned asics for night switcher and other variants. Easy Uninstallation. Firmware for Antminer S17. Switching Power Supply for Bitmain AntMiner L3+ S9 T9 (Model Number: APW3++-12-1600-A3), Wide Voltage Design, 1200W / 1600W, 10 of 6-pin PCIe Connectors 3.7 out of 5 stars 6 BitcoinMerch.com - 1600W 110V - 240V US Mining Modular Power Supply for G2 Antminer S9 L3++ RTX 309 Antminer,with its superior performance and power efficiency,is the market loader in the blockchain mining industry. mainly popularized by the Antminer S9. Antminers have been providing the market with reliable and stable hardware products. The most latest series, the Antminer 19 series, leads the market through the Antminer T19, Antminer S19, and the Antminer S19 Pro. Antimers have a long. 7 bekannte Bitcoin mining with antminer s9 analysiert 06/2021 Schnell online shoppen 12V Netzteil für Bitcoin Mining Machine. 1. Überstromschutz, 4,90 PLUS zertifiziert ETH SSL3 + etc. 3.1800 W 5. Maximale Ausgangsleistung: Antminer S7 S9 12V Power Supply. overvoltage protection, under certified - Up more) efficient to to 90% (and voltage protection. 2.Compatible W power guarantees.

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APW3++ 1200-1600 PSU Series Power Supply (for S5 S6 S7 S8 S9 Antminer) It only works on high voltage power source. *USED. BITMAIN AntMiner APW3++ -12-1600 PSU Series. The APW3++ -12-1600 Series AC-DC PSU is specifically designed with mining operations in mind, and combines high conversion efficiency and a strong dynamic performance into a power dense package. It also features short circuit. According to the miner profitability index, tracked by mining pools PoolIn and F2Pool, older mining rigs, such as Bitmain's AntMiner S9 or Canaan's Avalon A851, can now generate a 10% to 20%. Antminer L3+ (Reconditioned) Bitmain's L3+ is one of the most affordable models to start in the mining industry. This machine is similar to the Antminer S9 format, in a box that consumes half the energy. It is also possible to make modifications to the machine at the firmware level which allows it to reach an efficiency as low as 1.25W/MH find High profitable Love Core Aisen A1 SHA-256 24T 2100W antminer s9 bitcoin asic miner mining machine in BitMiner,High profitable Love Core Aisen A1 SHA-256 24T 2100W antminer s9 bitcoin asic miner mining machine supplied by BitMiner . Skip to content. BitMiner. Home; Products; About; Contact; Blog; Search for: 0. Cart. No products in the cart. Add to Wishlist. Home / Aisen High profitable. NOTE: Prices are subject to daily change due to the volatile nature of this market. Our sourcing prices are affected by the same factors as everyone else. Availability: In stock. Antminer S9 (Reconditioned) quantity. Add to cart. Antminer S9 (Reconditioned) Share on facebook. Share on google. Share on twitter. Share on linkedin. Categories Mining Hardware, SHA256 Tags Antminer S9, antminer s9.

Full Antminer S19 Specifications and Details (From Bitmain) SHA256Hashrate, TH/s 110 ± 3%Power on wall @25°C, Watt 3250 ± 5%Power efficiency on wall @25°C, J/TH 29.5 ± 5%. Detailed CharacteristicsValuePower SupplyPower supply AC Input voltage, Volt (1-1)200~240Power supply AC Input Frequency Range, Hz 47~63Power supply AC Input current. Zyvpee 60X60X25MM PSAD16025BM P000 6CM 12V 0.27A For Antminer S9 Fan PSAD16025BM-P000 Power Supply Cooler Fan. Model:PSAD16025BM Voltage:12V Current:0.27ALine:2WireSize:60x60x25mmRemark: - All photos are the physical ones

Bitmain Miner Antminer S19 Pro Crypto Mining Hardware $ 9,600.0 / 0.24686 Ƀ Select options Quick View; Out Of Stock! AntMiner S9 Bitcoin Miner13.5Th/s 2 fan $ 4,900.0 $ 1,500.0 / 0.03857 Ƀ Read more Quick View; Out Of Stock! Bitmain S17e 64Th/s Miner $ 1,335.0 / 0.03433 Ƀ Read more Quick View; Out Of Stock! Bitmain Miner Antminer S1 certified - Up + etc. 3.1800 W power guarantees voltage protection. 2.Compatible continuous power from bill. 5.Maximum output. Bitcoin mining with antminer s9 - Der absolute Vergleichssieger . Unser Team an Produkttestern hat unterschiedliche Marken getestet und wir zeigen unseren Lesern hier alle Ergebnisse unseres Tests. Es ist jeder Bitcoin mining with antminer s9 rund um die Uhr auf amazon. Gebrauchte Antminer S9 14TH/s ohne Netzteil Die Geräte sind geprüft und funktionieren. Die Einfuhr erfolgt durch uns, daher beträgt die Lieferzeit ca. 7-21 Werktage, bitte beachten sie dies.Im Preis ist Versand, Zoll und Einfuhrumsatzsteuer enthalten. Dieses Angebot richtet sich an Abnehmer von grösseren Stückzahlen. Specifications Manufacturer: Bitmain Model: Antminer S9 (14Th) Size: 135. Bitmain's AntMiner S9 represents a significant jump in efficiency from its predecessor, the S7. Hash density is 4x higher while efficiency increased 2.5x due to the use of new 16nm BM1387 chips. 189 chips in power efficient string design are used across 3 mining boards, which are cooled by two loud, powerful 120mm fans. The S9 is standalone does not require an external controller, but does not.

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for Antminer S9, S9i, S9j. Version 2.3 - 2020-04-11!! (BigMiner Firmware without Fee from Mining!) Efficiency: 40-45% (Better then Blissz firmware! Better then AsicFW.io) Recommended, at your current firmware, set the miner frequency at 400mhz and set your fan speed manual at 25% before flashing. Flash by going to System -> Upgrade. Here we will take Bitmain Antminer S9 as an example to introduce how to set up the miner and start to mine Bitcoin. What You Need to Know before Using Miners: 1. PSU output power is recommended to be 20% higher than the power consumption of miner; 2. The router or network switch you are using to get connected with miners shall be ones without POE; 3. Miners can only be connected to router or. Increases Antminer S9 performance by 10% or more Typical hashrate with overclocking 14.7 - 16.0 TH/s Possible hashrate with overclocking 18+ TH/s with custom PSU . Power efficiency. Improved power efficiency by tuning of each individual ASIC chip AsicBoost for reduced power usage Underclocking available for highest possible power efficiency . Feature highlight. Easy to use profiles for.

Bitmain Antminer S9 HiveOS firmware, how to overclock Antminer S9. As we know very well hiveOS is one of the leading mining software and monitoring provider. It is very advanced and has a lot of features to modify and monitor mining rigs. If you don't know how to start using hiveOS we have installation guide here. They do support also Asic miner monitoring and control. Their software is very. This tutorial was tested on Antminer S9. This tutorial was tested on Antminer L3. This tutorial was tested on Antminer D3. Hardware List: The following section presents the list of equipment used to create this Ubuntu Linux tutorial. Processor . MotherBoard. Hard Drive. Power Supply. Power Cord. Every piece of hardware listed above can be found at Amazon website. Antminer Playlist: On this.

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The Antminer S9 has created a positive return of investment over the years and has proven to be a game-changer for smaller and hobby miners. It has become the most widely sought after ASIC miner in the Bitcoin industry. Table of Contents. Background of the Antminer S9 ; Things to know about Antminer S9 . Most Powerful miner in the Market ; Most expensive miner in the market; Power supply ; 90. Much better than antminer s9, antminer s17pro 53th, s15, s9 antminer, S17 56TH, Antminer s17e 64th, antminer t17 42th. Include psu, please kindly note that the required input voltage for T17+ 58TH/s is 220V. New btc bitcoin miner antminer t17+ 58th mining asIC miner use the 2nd generation 7nm chips, Not T17E 50TH. Antminer t17+ 58th bitcoin. Since the introduction of the Antminer S9, Vnish has become a leading mining software company. We have developed firmware for all popular antminer models and now we have started developing software for such equipment as Whatsminer, Innosilicon and Avalon. More than 1.5 million devices successfully work on our software and we are grateful to you for choosing us. Welcome to the Vnish family Voltage: 12V Interface: Ethernet Temperature: 5 - 45 °C Humidity: 5 - 95 %. Alternatively you can check for Bitmain Antminer S9 SE specs on ASICminervalue.com. My Miner Shop Service. PSU Included & Free Shipping. Support 24/7. Order processed within 3-5 working days maximum after confirmation of payment. Delivered worldwide via DHL Express. Important before ordering. Personalization.

Bitmain's engineering team understood the importance of every detail while working to make the power-efficient yet powerful Bitcoin miner. The Antminer S9i's control board employs the fast Dual ARM® Cortex®-A9 microprocessor with CoreSight™ and supports Gigabit Ethernet to ensure that mined blocks are submitted instantly Supports only selected models: Antminer S17, S17+, S17E, S17 Pro, S9, S9i, S9j, S10, L3+, L3++, T9+, T17, T17+, T17E. S17: up to 72 Th/s with air cooling; S17 Pro: up to 80.1 Th/s with standard PSU, up to 85 Th/s with liquid cooling; S9, S9i, S9j: up to 16.8 Th/s with standard PSU, up to 19.1 Th/s with the custom on Antminer s9 profitability — The Antminer S9 is one of Bitmain's most iconic SHA-256 Bitcoin miners, and is well known for its rock-solid and time-tested durability and high hashing rate of 10-14 TH/s depending on sub model you buy. Most Antminer models were shipped with the 13.5 TH/s rate which has had consistent profitability since they were first launched. Because many Antminers have been. Setting up your Antminer. Good day folks. Now that you have purchased your Bitcoin Antminer you need to set it up so you can start earning Bitcoins. The first step is that you get a UTP cable or fly lead that you can use to connect the miner to the router that provides internet to your home or office. The Second thing you need is a PC Power.

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Antminer S17+ PLUS 75TH/s IN USA - Custom MiningCrate exclusive Tune to 90TH/s UNITS IN USA NOW not oversea order - MiningCrate S17+ BITMAIN FOR SALE . Sale price $8,999 $8,999. Save $1. Antminer S9 - Bitmain Factory 14TH/s Pro Tuned to 17TH @ 1400w MiningCrate.Com Firmware or Stock un-moded on request at checkout. Regular price $595 $595. ANTMINER T15 Bitcoin ASIC Miner - APW8 PSU. Bitmain AntMiner S9. $1,999.00. $1,999.00. Order within to get it by ! 14TH/s - $1,999.00 USD 13TH/s - $1,999.00 USD. Quantity Ask a question. Price of this product is subject to change. Please confirm the price of the product before placing the order. Genuine products with Etherbit Secure Packaging™ Antminer S9, The price of the unit is only $499, it is small cost of investment for any reasonable business in the world. Rate of Return Antminer s9 will generate 1.6 BTC Monthly, so you will get your money back as soon as possible then ever opportunity availabl Hot Sale Fast Delivery Antminer Bitcoin Mining Machine of Bitmain Antminer S9/S19/T1t/S17/A10/L3+ with Original PSU Miner. FOB Price: US $ 299-5000 / Piece. Min. Order: 2 Pieces. Game Controller Control Mode: Wireless. Compatible Type: PC. Type: Sensor Bar. Products Status: Stock. Chip Quantity: 189 X Bm1387

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Description Antminer S9 Hash Board Replacement BM1387 16nm 63 Chips. Because the market price of Cryptocurrency can change overnight all sales are final. Antminer S9 Specifications Antminer S19J - 90TH/s (5 Piece Set) 0 out of 5 $ 25,095.00 $ 22,749.00. Antminer S19J - 90TH/s. 0 out of 5 $ 5,019.00 $ 4,769.00. Antminer S19 - 110TH/s (5 Piece Set) 0 out of 5 $ 18,845.00 $ 16,259.00. Top Rated products. Antminer S19 Pro - 110TH/s. 0 out of 5 $ 3,769.00 $ 3,499.00. Antminer S19 - 95TH/s. 0 out of 5 $ 2,979.00 $ 2,369.00. Antminer T19 - 84TH/s . 0 out of 5 $ 2,449.00 $ 2,119. Features of bitmain antminer s9 bitcoin miner container manufacture 1.20ft and 40ft two size, for example, 20ft can hold 150units/S9 container, 40ft can hold 300units/S9 container. 2.PUE as low as 1.07 3.Rapid deployment 4.One-step professional service 5.Flexible in use 6.Support different voltage of 208V/220V/380V/480V Detailed Images Packing & Shipping Projects & Fair Our Workflo Antminer S9i-14TH/s. 1. Specifications and other information of the Antminer S9i are as mentioned below. 2. Please select the correct address for shipping before you submit your order because, for this batch, the shipping address and shipping method cannot be changed after the order has been submitted. 3

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Alibaba.com offers 1,803 power supply for antminer s7 products. A wide variety of power supply for antminer s7 options are available to you, such as output voltage, output power, and interface type Note: this review assumes knowledge of the Antminer S9. If you're unfamiliar with that device, see our detailed Antminer S9 review.. Despite the recent AsicBoost and Antbleed scandals, Bitmain remains the world's premier ASIC manufacturer. Their hardware is just that good that, in most cases, anyone who wants to mine Bitcoin is forced to hold their nose and buy from Bitmain Bitmain Antminer S9 14 TH/s. APW3++ PSU 1600W Power Supply - 200v / 240v. Power Cord. Original Bitmain Instruction sheet. The Antminer will be posted in the original packaging. The location of the unit is in Thailand as having mined in Thailand due to cheaper Electricity cost. The unit is an original Bitmain Antminer Antminer S9 14TH/s. Antminer S9 14TH/s at 1320 Watts. Category: Uncategorized Tag: Antminer. Description Reviews (0) Description. Hash Rate: 14 TH/s. Variation of ±5% is expected; Power Consumption: 1320 W at the wall; Power Efficiency: 94 J/TH; Rated Voltage: 11.60 ~13.00V; Chips per miner: 189 ASIC chips; Frequency: Automatically set; Network connection mode: Ethernet; Cooling: 2x 12038. The Antminer S9 follows the same form factor as that of the hugely popular Antminer S7 and is nearly the same size. Yet it has more than thrice the power and twice the efficiency of the S7. Each Antminer S9 employs 189 such chips to deliver more hashrate and efficiency than any bitcoin miner ever made. Controlled by a Dual ARM® Cortex®-A9 Microprocessor. S9's control board uses a Xilinx. Antminer S9 ASIC. Visit Website; Price 6,125 USD; You are looking at one of the most powerful Bitcoin miners in the world, the Antminer S9. This miner has an hashrate of 13.5TH/s! Carrying 189 BM1387 chips, the S9 is the most energy efficient Bitcoin miner in the world so far. The power consumption is at the all-time low of 0.098 J/GH - the consumption is rated at 1450W only. S9.

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